Approaching Cenghialta means approach the art of the great horizons and big breath, looking to the shapes and compositions that speak about life, beauty and emotions. The characteristic landscape of dispersed countries, still lifes with a strong tint naturalistic, the sinuous female nudes attractive shapes, constantly attract and surprise you; Wonderful portraits of children brimming vitality or elderly rich personality, framed in the wrinkles of faces that stop time. The artistic production of Luciano exceeds the personal experience, to propose a new classic manifestation of beauty, like the great artists of our past, softened from mixing colors that give it a modern touch. Each Cenghialta's composition is a true masterpiece that transcends time to leave us a profound message of beauty, feeling and emotion.

Mario Tibaldo

"LUCIANO LIVES THE ANCIENT HUMAN EMOTIONS ON FRESH DAILY RENEWAL, with the enthusiasm and dismay of a CHILD ENJOYING every new thing that happens every day.

- Mario Tibaldo

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